Clean & Safe Warranty 

It is with great pride and sense of responsability that Seaventy is a certified tour operator with the Clean & Safe stamp.

This is a certificate crated by Turismo de Portugal that attests that all recommendations of the National Health Organization are complied with to avoid contamination of spaces with COVID-19, making Seaventy a “safe haven”.

Safety Measures


In order to guarantee the safety of our customers, Seaventy has implemented a series of mandatory procedures that must be complied with by everyone, whether at events and/or regular tours. The present rules were based on the requirements of the “Clean & Safe” stamp created by Turismo de Portugal.


Until it is needed, Seaventy only organize events up to 2/3 of the maximum capacity of each boat or venue.

If the event does not take place due to the impediment of maritime tourist activity, there will be a full refund.


Boat procedures

– The boat or venue will be disinfected before the beginning and at the end of each tour and / or event with a cold nebulizer.

– On the interior floors there will be an air purifier.

– Restrooms will be disinfected with a specific product and will be clean every hour.

– There will be a circuit, properly marked, to circulate on the boat or venue.

– Along the circuit, there will be several points of alcohol gel duly marked.

– The layout of the rooms will be arranged in order to guarantee social distance between groups.

– Each bar is limited to use simultaneously. In the outdoor bars there can be 6 people at the counter and in the indoor bars only 2 people.

– All crew members and / or staff will wear a mask or visor.

– A security briefing will be given in Portuguese and English at the beginning of each tour and / or event.


Customer procedures

All customers must wear a mask. If you don’t have one with you, you can purchase one on the vessel (1 €). It is only allowed to remove the mask while on the outside floor or in case of immobility (being seated at the table, for instance). Before boarding, customers must go through three phases, in a properly identified area:

1) Disinfect your hands with alcohol gel provided on-site.

2) Wiping the shoes on the rug with disinfectant.

3) Pass the shoes on the drying rug.

On the boat, customers must comply with the circulation instructions.


Catering procedures

Seaventy only works with suppliers who comply with all the recommendations of DGS – Directorate-General of Health – in order to ensure maximum safety for all customers, crew, staff and suppliers.

Today and always, we are proud of our greatest creation: Seaventy itself!

For a leading company in the events segment such as Seaventy, Safety is one of the 6 main values ​​alongside with Integrity, Commitment, Passion, Autonomy and Discipline.


Since our foundation, we have been driven by the important mission of bringing people closer to the sea and development of the economy of the sea, working as a platform dedicated to sea lovers, to renting spaces for events and to providing memorable experiences.


If Safety was already a fundamental value before COVID-19, nowadays is our top priority. Since March, the entire team has been dedicated to researching and creating safety standards manuals that can be applied to all Seaventy’s activities.


On each page of our boats, programs or experiences flyers, you will find a “Clean & Safe Warranty” tab with the main regulations that we have taken into account to make your experience as safe as possible.


At such a critical time for the national economy and in particular for our company, we will always maintain our Commitment to Safety, guiding all investments in this direction, so that we continue to be known for “Excellence Service and Impeccable Experience”.


Today and always, we are proud of our greatest creation: Seaventy itself!