Legislation of Events


Through Resolution of the Council of Minister No. 88-A / 2020, which declares the situation of calamity, within the scope of the Covid-19 disease pandemic (hereinafter RCM only), the Government understood that it was necessary, appropriate and proportional to reduce the number of concentrations of people to five.


However, the aforementioned reduction in the number of concentrations of persons (i) does not affect the specific limits indicated for certain activities, (ii) nor does it apply to the development of economic activities that are not prohibited by the RCM and for which there are no specific limitations.


Thus, with regard to events, and although it is established that, as a rule, they are not allowed when they involve an agglomeration of people in more than five (cf. paragraph 1 of article 13 of the RCM), exceptions to this agglomeration limit, among others, are family events and corporate events.


In fact, for events of a family nature (including weddings and baptisms, whether for civil or religious ceremonies or for other commemorative events), a limit of 50 people is indicated (with the exception of weddings and baptisms scheduled until 10/14) / 2020) – cf. paragraph b) of no. 2 of article 13 of the RCM.


As for events of a corporate nature held in spaces suitable for this purpose (namely congress halls, tourist establishments, trade fairs and outdoor spaces), there is no limit on the number of people (see paragraph c) of no. 2 article 13 of the RCM), with the Government understanding that it was not necessary to introduce changes to the regime previously in force, given that it already adequately safeguarded the needs to prevent the spread of Covid-19 disease.


The limit of agglomerations of more than five people is therefore not applicable to these types of events.


With regard to the tourist entertainment activity, the development of which is permitted under the RCM, the Government also decided not to set specific limits on the concentration of people, as it considers that the rules in force, complemented with the level of membership of the animation companies “Clean & Safe” label, already allow adequate protection of contagion prevention needs.


Therefore, the limit of agglomerations of more than five people also does not apply to the activity of tourist entertainment.