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Beach Yacht Party

Every Saturday: must-have parties on a yacht with DJ, drinks and many dives!  

 3h - 4h
 Up to 40

Monuments Circuit

This cruise should be mandatory for anyone visiting the city of Lisbon. Lisbon was precisely built to be admired of the Tagus River.

 2h - 3h
 6 to 35

Nautypaper Team Building

Regatta without buoys or mandatory routes. Strategy and teamwork to be able to decipher track codes up to the Final Challenge!!

 3h - 4h
 18 to 100

Sunset Cruise on Sado River

With a 2 hours cruise you have a beautiful experience that stimulates the conviviality among all the guests and creates new friendship in such a short time.

 2h - 3h
 6 to 16

Cascais-Lisbon Cruise

This cruise is an excellent option for programs that combine Lisbon and Cascais / Sintra. The group can take the cruise from Alcântara to Cascais, have lunch in Cascais and […]

 2h - 3h
 6 to 220

Cascais Cruise

This cruise is a good option for groups that are staying in Cascais and who want to see the coast and the beaches of one of the most beautiful bays […]

 2h - 3h
 6 to 220


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