Boat Party with DJ, Open Bar and com DJ, Bar aberto and a lots of animation on Tagus River. 

Video Lisbon BOOZE Cruise


Duration: 4 hours (normal ticket) or 3 hours (low-cost ticket)
Maximum Capacity: 150 people
Schedule: 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Animation: Live DJ and giant shower
Regular departures: every summer days
Embark: 3:00 pm at Cais da Ribeira das Naus, Cais do Sodré
Disembark: 7:00 pm at Cais Ribeira das Naus, Cais do Sodré


Offer to bride or groom to groups of more than 10 people! 

(When you buy a pack of 10 tickets, you only pay 9)

Normal ticket: 30€ per person (VAT included)
Embark at 3:00 pm (4 hours of party with beer and sangria open bar until 4:00 pm)

Low-cost ticket: 20€ per person (VAT included
Embark at 4:00 pm (3 hours of party without open bar)


Embark 3:00 pm at Cais Ribeira das Naus (Praça Europa, Cais do Sodré)
Disembark 7:00 pm at Cais Ribeira das Naus (Praça Europa, Cais do Sodré)
Best Live DJ’s Beer and  Sangria Open Bar until 4:00 pm (included on normal ticket)
Giant outdoor shower all the party Lots of fun and surprises!
Maximum Capacity 150 People
Check In 30 minutes before departure time


Important Notes:​

  • The parties are held at BARCO EVORA between June 2, 2018 and September 22, 2018 and are limited to 150 passengers.
  • It is not allowed to bring food and / or drink from outside. The bar has service of soft drinks, long drinks, cocktails, hamburguers.
  • It is possible to book any of the parties on an exclusive mode, subject to availability and budget.
  • Parties are forbidden to minors under 18 years of age.
  • Will be denied check-in / boarding for customers who present with inappropriate or offensive clothing and / or under a high alcohol or narcotic effect without reimbursement.
  • Seaventy is not responsible for any damage on personal property during the experiment, and we advise you to ensure that it is properly protected.

Additional information

Number of Persons19 to 50, 51 to 150, More than 150, Up to 18

2:30 pm

Check in at Cais Ribeira das Naus, near to Cais do Sodré.

3:00 pm

Embark and start the cruise for the best river party ever with live DJ.
  • Short cruise until Santa Apolónia with the best view of city center with open bar (beer and sangria)
  • The best river party in Lisbon happens with a mega-shower on board

4:00 pm

The open bar is closed. We have a short stop at the peer to embark other passengers with low cost ticket.
  • The party continues with lots of fun on board!
  • Surprise moments for brides and grooms!
  • Return to dock with the best music!

7:00 pm

Disembark of all passengers at Cais Ribeira das Naus.

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