Up to 2 hours

Boat cruise between Santa Apolónia and Cacilhas on the traditional Boat “Sejas Feliz”.

Cruise along the Tejo River port area and watch the romantic city of Lisbon on a 45 minute tour to enjoy the sights. Pass along the river and contemplate the Terreiro do Paço, built in the 18th century, the castle of São Jorge at the top of the hill, the district of Alfama, and admire the beautiful colored houses along the river bank. Travel by boat with comments on board, and see the sights of the water.


Duration: 45 minutes

Route: Cais do Sodré – Cacilhas – Santa Apolónia – Terreiro do Paço – Cais do Sodré

Regular Departures: Every Day:

11:30 a.m. / 12:30 a.m. / 2:30 p.m. / 3:30 p.m. (May 16 to September 24) / 4:30 p.m. (May 16 to August 21)

Low Season – from 28 October to 16 May the times are on request


Children Ticktes (6 to 12 years old): 7,50€ per person (VAT included)

Normal Ticktes (more than 13 years old)15€ per person (VAT included)

Embark Cais Ribeira das Naus (Praça Europa, Cais do Sodré)
Disembark Cais Ribeira das Naus (Praça Europa, Cais do Sodré)
45 minutes boat cruise on Tagus River
Guide visit
Maximum Capacity 50 People
Check In 15 minutes before departure time



What to expect:

This is a boat cruise in the historic heart of Lisbon. It is an informative boat trip along the Tagus River which takes you along the city of Lisbon so you discover the period of the eighteenth and early eighteenth century. See the silent witnesses of the prestigious and glorious past. Your guide and boatman will make comments so you can enjoy the view while learning about the city of Lisbon.

The express cruise lasts 45 minutes and begins at the fluvial station Cais do Sodré Estação. On this tour, you will have the opportunity to see from the river the beautiful landscape of the historic center of the city, passing Praça do Comércio, Castelo de São Jorge, Alfama, the National Pantheon and Santa Apolónia. On the way back, navigate through the middle of the river to observe the charm of the hills of Lisbon, and note the grandeur of the 25 de Abril Bridge and Cristo Rei.

The cruise is carried out on a traditional 1947 cargo-boat with 15 meters and capacity for 50 people. Only 7 boats of this size remain, all of them enrolled in the Navy Museum, which makes this excursion unique. The decoration of the boat is characterized by warm tones and several hand-painted flowers, which give a touch of charm and authenticity. The crew will present the history of the boat, the “Be Happy” and give some historical notes on the main monuments.

The traditional boats of the Tagus Estuary are one of the most important cultural patrimonies of the coastal communities. Its topological diversity is the largest in Europe, and one of the largest in the world. Among the various types of vessels we highlight: Fragatas, Varinos, Botes de Pinho, Botes de Água Acina, Canoas e Catraicos. For hundreds of years these boats were a means of transportation to the region of Lisbon, ensuring the transportation of cargo and people between the two banks of the river. These ships provided Lisbon, embarkation and disembarkation of large ships anchored in the port of Lisbon from the port from all over the world.

In the late 60’s with the introduction of bridges, these vessels became obsolete, which led to their abandonment. Of the thousands of boats that existed, only about 75 survived, duly registered in the “Marinha do Tejo” – a living part of the Portuguese Navy, and therefore considered a museum.

Additional information

Number of Persons19 to 50, Up to 18