Lisbon, Cascais, Sado (Tróia/Setúbal/Sesimbra)

Regatta without buoys or mandatory routes. Strategy and teamwork to get the right photos and get to the finish line first!

Video Photo Regata


Duration: 3 to 4 hours (half day)
Location: Lisbon, Oeiras, Cascais, Sado (Tróia/Setúbal/Sesimbra)
Capacity: groups from 14 to 100 people (until 35 people from 15th March to 15th October)


The team Building “Photo-Regata” was created by Seaventy ideally for:

  • Productivity Awards
  • Events and incentives


Budget of the Team-Building activity: from € 65 per person

Prices may vary depending on the number of people.



The Photo-Sailing arose from the need to create a Team Building dynamic that values ​​the excellent attributes of a regatta and corrects its negative aspects:

  • Great dependence on optimum wind conditions.
  • Great disparity between the teams when some team includes crew with sailing experience.
  • Too much focus on sailing competition when the aim of most groups is leisure and to spend a good time learning the basics of sailing.
  • Difficulty in maintaining the competitive and team-building spirit of all the teams during the whole activity (the classification is almost intact after only 30 minutes after the start).
  • Difficulty in keeping all people enthusiastic throughout the activity (there are always those who want to participate more in the maneuvers and be skipper and those who just want to enjoy the ride and take pictures).


Important Rules of Photo-Regatta:

  1. The course is defined by 2 to 6 photographs with very specific frames of points of interest scattered along the coast. Each team must take photographs (with the iPad available) close to the originals.
  2. There is no specific order. Each team, with the help of the skipper, defines the best strategy.
  3. The staff will evaluate the photos of each team and assign a score of 1 to 3 for each photograph, by level of similarity with the originals. Win the team with the highest score. In the event of a tie, the team that completed Photo-Sailing wins in less time. Each team can only submit one photograph per point of interest to be evaluated.

Embark group choice
Disembark group cjoive
Photo Regatta Organization Sailboat rental with crew
1 iPad per team Sportsnack
Maximum Capacity: 35 to 100 people (5 to 15 sailboats/teams each with 7 people)



Additional information

Number of Persons19 to 50, 51 to 150
  • Briefing: Welcome the group. Explanation of the Photo Regatta rules and safety briefing.

  • Sailing Class: Training of the main maneuvers and an introduction of the basic sailing terms. Visual identification of the points of interest that have to be photographed. Definition of the race course order (each team can have their own race course order).

  • Start: The engine is allowed so every team depart in equality.

  • Dynamic:Competition between teams without defined course. Each team performs its course based on the strategy defined with the help of the skipper. During all activity the whole team remains excited for the following reasons:

    • The most active people participate in the maneuvers and are focused on making the journey in the shortest time and the most relaxed are focused on taking the photographs closer to the originals.

    • In days of little or no wind, it is allowed to use the motor to assist so the spirit of each team is high.

    • Photos’s scoring is the key criterion for victory! This is the reason why the competition lasts until the announcement of the final scores.

  • Awards Prize

Suggested program in Lisbon:

9:30 am- Meeting point at base dock (Alcântara or Belém).

Briefing about the rules, goals and safety.

Each team receive an iPad with the photographs that should be taken.

10:00 am – Embark and start the sailing class.

Sport snack is given to each participant.

11:00 am – Start the Photo Regatta along the interesting points of Tagus River and Lisbon between Terreiro do Paço and Belém.

There is no define route. Only the start and arrival point has a define place.

In days withoyt any wind the engine is allowed.

1:00pm/1:15pm – Mandatory arrival at goal.

During the return course, each team will select the photographs that will be evaluated.

1:30 pm – Disembark and evaluation of the photos. Awards Prize to the winner team!