Documented wine tasting cruise! 

Duration: 2 hours
Route: Cais do Sodré – Terreiro do Paço – Belém – Alcântara – Cais do Sodré
Capacity: this program can be realized in different types of boats, for groups from 50 to 200 people – learn more in the tab “Available Boats”

Ideally to:

  • Touristic cruise
  • Colleagues meeting
  • Corporate Events


Brief explanation:

There are exclusive experiences that combine become a unique experience.

And a wine tasting boat tour documented by a certified sommelier is one of them!

There is no need to stretch. We only recommend this experience for wine lovers, for those who want to experience Portugal, but essentially for “Good Life” lovers!



Budgets from 36€ per person


Ask us a proposal without any commitment!


  • Prices vary according to the vessel/ship you choose from among our recommendations for your company, date, and number of people.
  • Seaventy only features boats that have a comfortable, panoramic indoor lounge and an outdoor deck that meet excellent conditions
    for rides and events with animation for the colder days of the year.

Embark group choice
Disembar group choice
Ambience music Private boat cruise
Documented wine tasting Member staff Seaventy
Maximum Capacity 200 People


Additional information

Number of Persons51 to 150, More than 150

5:00 pm

Embark on the Cais do Sodré pontoon and start the cruise with the best view of the city of Lisbon.
  • The sommelier begins the documented wine tasting. During a friendly conversation and between tips and curiosities, the selected wines are tasted.
  • Leisure and photographs moments.


Arrival at Cais do Sodré and disembark of all passengers.

Evora Boat

Number of people: from 50 to 200

Lisboa Vista do Tejo

Number of people: from 50 to 200