Who we are

Over 5 years,
we have contributed to the development of the Sea Economy
with over 1500 events held,
which brought more than 80.000 people to the Sea.

With 5 years made, we are just starting…

Whether within our own fleet or our best partners, we always guarantee the best solution for an Unforgettable Experience!

From the Sea
came the Glory
of our Past...

Because we are not just another company, which on your institutional website has to have a “Who We Are” section, to refer to the traditional phrases that include the terms “experience”, “quality”, “satisfaction” and other words ” vu “, we are challenged here and now: we will never utter them in our presentation. Alternatively, we will present ourselves from several points of view:

– who would like to see the origin of our name Seaventy:

Sounds good to the ear, does not it? For, but more than that, there is a concept that we want to reveal to you. Our name puts together two words: “Sea” and “seventy”, creating the word “Seaventy”. The genesis of our name is a tribute to the fact that 70% of our body is made up of water and that 70% of our planet is oceans! Soon, water, besides being part of us, is also part of our “home”! And that is the mission of Seaventy – to bring us closer to our natural element, even to those who are not yet attracted, for some reason, by the Sea.

– who is not still attracted to the Sea:

Maybe because he imagines the nautical activities as something spartan, something devoid of comfort … but, no, at all! We assume as a development company of the Economy of the Sea, that through the events and boat trips, we approach the people of the Sea, always with our pride to be all, as Portuguese, Heirs of the Sea…

– from our customers:

We want you to feel happy. Very happy! For the moments that we provide, for the services we offer, for the products that we develop … finally, because they have discovered us and because they feel connected to us, in a common cause: the Sea!

– of travel agencies:

They know that it is essential to offer a nautical activity to our tourists so that they understand our Portuguese soul: our origin as sailors, as discoverers, as visionaries that we were in the past and that still characterizes us in the present. With Seaventy, you can be sure that in addition to providing a moment of leisure and pleasure to your customers, you will be assured of a very personalized service, a dedication to the small details on board, a differentiated programming and oriented to please various interests and, of course, a bet on the best boats and crews available in each region of our country.

– of the companies that hire us:

They look for activities that can inspire, encourage, strengthen relationships in the team or with their clients, and for that nothing better than the Sea and a company like Seaventy to provide it perfectly. Our goal is to help companies achieve their results and goals in the most pleasurable way. We invite you to explore our business-oriented section.

– of our competitors:

Well, this is a sensitive issue, but above all we must not forget that unity is strength. We must all be very good at what we do and collaborate among us, to jointly develop the Economy of the Sea. Contain us for this proactivity. We are competitors, we are also partners many times but, above all, we are all Sea Lovers. Something very strong unites us!


– from our point of view, of the entrepreneurs of the project:

About us, we have to say that we are really passionate about what we do and that is perceived right from the first moment. We are entrepreneurs who are united and stronger, experience, creativity, vision, and the will to build a successful company, which passes above all, by leaving the people mentioned in the above paragraphs (clients, agencies, companies) happy. We are proud to be Portuguese and we feel we have the mission of making our country bigger, within our reach. Country, which happens to have the third largest exclusive maritime economic zone in Europe and the 11th largest in the world …

(After all, we wrote a word that we said we would never use in our presentation.)

What People Say

Very good experience. I liked the person who explains the most important aspects of the city. Friendly people and bar top.
Rodrigo Nunes
A very well-spent afternoon, with a view of the Divine Tagus. Live music. Bar with excellent service and a team that received us with much sympathy.
Fernanda M
Very pleasant trip and 5 stars staff. I recommend.
Maria Lisboa
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